Shop Edlund Commercial Can Openers

Edlund Commercial Can Openers

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Edlund commercial can openers come in a variety of sizes and with different bases to suit your needs. 
Shop Edlund Tongs

Edlund Tongs

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Edlund tongs effectively grip food, withstand high-heat, and help staff follow food safety practices.  
Shop Edlund Portion Scales

Edlund Portion Scales

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Increase your restaurant’s profitability and reduce waste with Edlund’s commercial portion scales.  
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Edlund Baker's Dough Scales

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Use Edlund bakers dough scales to measure ingredients and perfect your baked goods’ consistencies. 
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Edlund Pizza Scales

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Reliable and accurate commercial pizza scales brought to you by the time proven Edlund brand.   
Shop Edlund Knife Sharpeners

Edlund Knife Sharpeners

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Reduce prep times and reduce injuries by keeping your knives sharpened with Edlund knife sharpeners.  
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Edlund Hamburger Presses

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Create perfectly uniform hamburger patties fast with Edlund’s commercial hamburger presses. 

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🦋Since 1925, Edlund has built itself a reputation of both quality and affordability within the restaurant industry. Their catalog of products contains practical and convenient solutions to everyday issues from organization to food preparation.Edlund manufactures hundreds of necessities for the back of the house, ranging from baker's dough scales for bakeshops to aluminum can crushes, automatic potato peelers, tomato slicers, and more. Their collection of food preparation products is so extensive that it's almost guaranteed there is something for everyone.