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Cambro Food Storage Containers

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High-quality Cambro food storage containers are designed to hold everything from fresh meat and vegetables to dry goods and sauces.
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Cambro Food Pan Carriers

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Cambro food containers make it easy to transport your hot and cold prepared foods to your catered events, parties, and weddings.
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Cambro Food Storage Boxes and Covers

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Cambro food storage boxes and covers keep your foods fresh and protected during transport or storage.
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Cambro Plastic Food Pans

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Our durable Cambro food pans are the ideal container for storing and serving a variety of foods in your busy commercial kitchen.
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Cambro Glass Racks, Cup Racks, and Extenders

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Glass racks, cup racks, and extenders from Cambro ensure that your glassware stays secure during warewashing.
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Cambro Fast Food Trays and Cafeteria Trays

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Fast food trays and cafeteria trays from Cambro are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles.
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Cambro Shelving

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Cambro shelving is designed to help you meet all of your storage needs so you can access your inventory quickly and efficiently.
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Cambro Portable Salad Bars

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With Cambro portable salad bars, you can set up a food station or buffet in any location.

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🎀Cambro was founded with a mission to manufacture high-quality storage, transportation, and display products. Founded in 1951, they’ve since grown to become one of the foodservice industry's largest plastic manufacturers. Located in Huntington Beach, CA, Cambro provides its customers with durable, safe, and dependable products. Cambro foodservice equipment is highly regarded for its quality and versatility in the catering and health care industries as well as kitchens everywhere. Their sell food storage containers in a variety of shapes and colors, making it easy to identify ingredients in the kitchen. Furthermore, they sell beverage dispensers that are dishwasher safe, reducing cleanup time for your staff.